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Health care half-truths : too many myths, not enough reality

Arthur Garson Jr Carolyn L. Engelhard 1951- c2007

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  • Title:
    Health care half-truths : too many myths, not enough reality
  • Author: Arthur Garson Jr
  • Carolyn L. Engelhard 1951-
  • Subjects: Medicine -- Miscellanea; Medical care -- Miscellanea; Social medicine -- Miscellanea; Health care reform -- Miscellanea; Delivery of Health Care -- organization & administration -- United States; Health Care Reform -- United States; Gezondheidszorg; Beleid; Misvattingen; Médecine -- Miscellanées; Soins médicaux -- Miscellanées; Médecine sociale -- Miscellanées; Santé, Services de -- Réforme -- Miscellanées; Health care reform; Medical care; Medicine; Social medicine; Verenigde Staten; Miscellanea
  • Description: American medical care is second-rate compared to other countries -- American health care is the most expensive in the world -- America wastes one-half of its medical care dollars -- Most medical care dollars are spent in the last six months of life -- Better quality saves money -- Preventive care saves money -- America will not ration health care -- Science drives most medical decisions -- High quality care cannot be defined -- Consumers can make the best decisions about their medical care -- Fewer doctors will be needed as medicine changes -- The current malpractice system helps patients -- Managing care is evil -- In America, there is a "safety net" of government programs providing health care for the poor -- People who work can afford health insurance -- Provision of health insurance for employees has always been the employer's responsibility, and will continue that way -- The uninsured get the care they need in emergency rooms -- No additional funding is needed to cover the uninsured; the money is available in the system -- All other countries provide health care coverage for everyone; we should be no different -- Major change in the American health care system is impossible.
    "Are you fed up with hearing that the American health care "system" is broken? The system is terminal: the bills that cannot be understood - or paid; your eight-minute doctor visit, with the chronic referrals; your own child who was just laid off, and whose family has no health insurance." "These are all symptoms of a dire situation. Our health care system should not be fixed by those in smoked-filled backrooms or the boardrooms of insurance conglomerates. Each of us, in our own way, must be inspired to work on it - whether directly as practitioners or indirectly as voters - or our health care system and, by extension, our own health will continue to deteriorate."--Jacket.
  • Publisher: Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield Pub.
  • Creation Date: c2007
  • Format: xix, 290 p. ; 24 cm..
  • Language: English
  • Identifier: ISBN9780742558298 (cloth : alk. paper);ISBN0742558290 (cloth : alk. paper)
  • OCLC Number: 73993535
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