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Instructional Design Variables Affecting the Success of Distance Education Programs

Bader A. Al- Saleh

Journal of Islamic Studies (Riyad), 2002-01-01, Vol.14 (1), p.1-46 [Peer Reviewed Journal]

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  • Title:
    Instructional Design Variables Affecting the Success of Distance Education Programs
  • Author: Bader A. Al- Saleh
  • Subjects: Instructional Design ; Design ; Evaluation ; Analysis ; Development implementation ; Distance Education Programs
  • Is Part Of: Journal of Islamic Studies (Riyad), 2002-01-01, Vol.14 (1), p.1-46
  • Description: In spite of many Arabian studies that addressed distance education, the process of designing distance education courses and materials was nor given enough attention. Furthermore. it is observed based on a review of related literature that distance education projects put more emphasis on hard technologies used in this type of education with little attention to systematic instructional design which plays a significant role in those projects. Therefore, this study was conducted in an attempt to identify instructional design variables which affect the success of distance education programs. To achieve this goal, the researcher applied a deliberative inquiry approach for analyzing previous studies and synthesizing their results. and suggesting some recommendations. The study addressed five research questions related to instructional design variables of distance education programs. The first was dealt with through a suggested model to carry out the design process which consisted of five phases , analysis, design, development implementation and evaluation, . The other four questions dealt with variables related to selection of distance education technologies; interactions in distance education; and cost and management of the instructional design process. The study concluded that the instructional design variables must be taken into consideration at an early stage' of the distance education project and that a systematic process for designing distance education materials must be applied. Recommendations for promoting a process of systematic design and future studies are included .
  • Publisher: King Saud University
  • Language: Arabic
  • Identifier: ISSN: 1658-6301
    EISSN: 1658-6301
  • Source: Directory of Open Access Journals

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