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네일샵의 점포속성에 관한 질적연구 - 단독 매장을 중심으로

임윤경(Yun-Kyoung Lim) ; 곽태기(Tai-Gi Kwak)

한국의상디자인학회지, 2019, Vol.21 (3), p.67-80

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  • Title:
    네일샵의 점포속성에 관한 질적연구 - 단독 매장을 중심으로
  • Author: 임윤경(Yun-Kyoung Lim) ; 곽태기(Tai-Gi Kwak)
  • Subjects: 의상
  • Is Part Of: 한국의상디자인학회지, 2019, Vol.21 (3), p.67-80
  • Description: The purpose of this study was to clarify store attributes for nail stores (focusing on independent stores) by qualitative research. Even though the nail market is showing a steady increase in terms of sales amounts, and the number of stores, related studies were very rare. Meanwhile, as long as the nail market is growing, many stores are suffering from bad business performance because of new nail stores are relatively easier to open than beauty or hair stores, but the nail stores don't have a discriminated marketing strategy. As nail the market is rapidly increasing, finding factors that led to success for nail stores is very meaningful, both for academics and business. The reason that qualitative research should be done before the quantitative research is due to scant theoretical background concerning this matter. For this qualitative research, 8 experts who are operating nail stores as an owner or a manager or a professor at a university who had over 5 years of related working experience were included. The attributes for nail stores were derived using one-to-one in-depth interviews conducted from March 3 to May 31, 2019. As a result of the qualitative studon the attributes for nail stores, it turned out that there were 5 factors-physical environment, product, speed, profitability, and reliability. Physical environment, product, and profitability were mentioned in most related surveys, but some details showed that and speed and reliability have been newly highlighted. Many unknown issues that were not easy to acquire from common academic research are included. After this study, I hope that many marketers may get basic conditions to apply to real businesses and that they can use it as effective data for the following quantitative research.
  • Publisher: 한국의상디자인학회
  • Language: Korean
  • Identifier: ISSN: 1229-7240
    ISSN: 1229-7244
    DOI: 10.30751/kfcda

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