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Observational Studies

Rosenbaum, Paul R 1995

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  • Title:
    Observational Studies
  • Author: Rosenbaum, Paul R
  • Subjects: Statistics ; Statistics, general
  • Description: An observational study is an empirical investigation of the effects of treatments, policies, or exposures. It differes from an experiment in that the investigator cannot control the assignments of treatments to subjects. Scientists across a wide range of disciplines undertake such studies, and the aim of this book is to provide a sound statistical account of the principles and methods for the design and analysis of observational studies. Readers are assumed to have a working knowledge of basic probability and statistics, but otherwise the account is reasonably self-contained. Throughout there are extended discussions of actual observational studies to illustrate the ideas discussed. These are drawn from topics as diverse as smoking and lung cancer, lead in children, nuclear weapons testing, and placement programs for students. As a result, many researchers involved in observational studes will find this an invaluable companion to their work.
  • Publisher: New York, NY: Springer New York
  • Creation Date: 1995
  • Language: English
  • Identifier: ISBN: 1475724454
    ISBN: 9781475724448
    ISBN: 0387944826
    ISBN: 9780387944821
    ISBN: 1475724446
    ISBN: 9781475724455
    EISBN: 9781475724431
    EISBN: 1475724438
    DOI: 10.1007/978-1-4757-2443-1

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