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Handbook of healthcare delivery systems

Y Yih (Yuehwern) c2011

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  • Title:
    Handbook of healthcare delivery systems
  • Author: Y Yih (Yuehwern)
  • Subjects: Integrated delivery of health care -- Handbooks, manuals, etc; Medical care -- Handbooks, manuals, etc; Electronic books
  • Description: Front cover; Contents; Foreword; Preface; Editor; Contributors; Section I. Healthcare Delivery System Overview; Body; Chapter 1. Healthcare: How Did We Get Here and Where Are We Going?; Chapter 2. Engineering and the Healthcare Delivery System; Chapter 3. The VA Healthcare Delivery System; Chapter 4. Outpatient Clinics: Primary and Specialty Care; Chapter 5. Designing a Nurse-Managed Healthcare Delivery System; Chapter 6. Long-Term Care; Chapter 7. Healthcare Insurance: An Introduction; Chapter 8. An Integrated Model of Healthcare Delivery
    Section II. Performance Assessment and Process Improvement ManagementChapter 9. Performance Assessment for Healthcare Organizations; Chapter 10. Managing Physician Panels in Primary Care; Chapter 11. Lean in Healthcare; Chapter 12. Patient Safety and Proactive Risk Assessment; Chapter 13. Toward More Effective Implementation of Evidence-Based Practice: Relational and Contextual Considerations; Section III. System Engineering: Technologies and Methodologies; Chapter 14. Computer Simulation in Healthcare
    Chapter 15. An Introduction to Optimization Models and Applications in Healthcare Delivery SystemsChapter 16. Queueing Theory and Modeling; Chapter 17. Markov Decision Processes and Its Applications in Healthcare; Chapter 18. Statistical Analysis and Modeling; Chapter 19. Analyzing Decisions Using Datasets with Multiple Attributes: A Machine Learning Approach; Chapter 20. The Shaping of Inventory Systems in Health Services; Chapter 21. Facility Planning and Design; Chapter 22. Work Design, Task Analysis, and Value Stream Mapping; Chapter 23. Scheduling and Sequencing; Chapter 24. Data Mining
    Chapter 25. Applications to HIV Prevention StrategiesChapter 26. Causal Risk Analysis: Revisiting the Vioxx Study; Section IV. Design, Planning, Control, and Management of Healthcare Systems; Chapter 27. Vaccine Production; Chapter 28. Economic Implications of Preventive Care; Chapter 29. Interactive Medicine; Chapter 30. The U.S. Organ Transplant Network: History, Structure, and Functions; Chapter 31. Pharmacoeconomics and the Drug Development Process; Chapter 32. Emergency Department Crowding; Chapter 33. Emergency Department Throughput from a Healthcare Leader's Perspective
    Chapter 34. Capacity Planning in Operating RoomsChapter 35. Managing Critical Resources through an Improved Surgery Scheduling Process; Chapter 36. Anesthesia Group Management and Strategies; Chapter 37. Turnovers and Turnarounds in the Healthcare System; Chapter 38. Decontamination Service; Chapter 39. Quality Control in Hospital Clinical Laboratories: A System Approach; Chapter 40. Emergency Planning Model for Pandemics; Chapter 41. Public Health and Medical Preparedness; Chapter 42. Mental Health Allocation and Planning Simulation Model
    Chapter 43. Correlation with Social and Medical Factors
    With rapidly rising healthcare costs directly impacting the economy and quality of life, resolving improvement challenges in areas such as safety, effectiveness, patient-centeredness, timeliness, efficiency, and equity has become paramount. Using a system engineering perspective, Handbook of Healthcare Delivery Systems offers theoretical foundations, methodologies, and case studies in each main sector of the system. It explores how system engineering methodologies and their applications in designing, evaluating, and optimizing the operations of the healthcare system could i
  • Publisher: Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press
  • Creation Date: c2011
  • Format: 1 online resource (798 p.).
  • Language: English
  • Identifier: ISBN0-429-16607-9;ISBN1-4398-0362-5
  • OCLC Number: 707067831
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