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Education data processing server system

Zhang Hong ; Ni Renling 15 December 2017

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  • 种教育数据处理服务器系统

  • Title:
    Education data processing server system
  • Author: Zhang Hong ; Ni Renling
  • Subjects: Physics ; Computing ; Calculating ; Counting ; Data Processing Systems OR Methods, Specially Adapted Foradministrative, Commercial, Financial, Managerial, Supervisoryor Forecasting Purposes ; Systems OR Methods Specially Adapted FOR Administrative,Commercial, Financial, Managerial, Supervisory OR Forecastingpurposes, Not Otherwise Provided FOR ; Electric Digital Data Processing ; Medicine ; Sciences ; Chemistry ; Physics
  • Description: The utility model provides an education data processing server system, it includes data acquisition server, data storage server, data processing server, data transmission server, data receipt server, data update server and false alarm customer end, the data acquisition server with data storage server, data update server are connected, data processing server connects respectively false alarm customer end, data storage server, data transmission server, data receive the server with the data transmission server is connected. The utility model provides an education data processing server system can effectual educational source data to huge carry out the classification management to report to the police when having the data that have no value for use in educational source data, can also accomplish the renewal to big data simultaneously. 本实用新型提供了种教育数据处理服务器系统,其包括数据获取服务器、数据存储服务器、数据处理服务器、数据发送服务器、数据接收服务器、数据更新服务器以及错误报警客户端,所述数据获取服务器与所述数据存储服务器、数据更新服务器连接,所述数据处理服务器分别连接所述错误报警客户端、数据存储服务器、数据发送服务器,所述数据接收服务器与所述数据发送服务器连接。本实用新型提供的教育数据处理服务器系统可以有效的对庞大的教育类源数据进行分类管理,并且在教育类源数据中存在无使用价值的数据时进行报警,同时还可以完成对大数据的更新。
  • Creation Date: 15 December 2017
  • Language: Chinese;English
  • Source: Espacenet (European Patent Office)

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