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Multi -drill twists drive mechanism

Yang Shengrong ; Chen Kongliang 09 March 2018

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  • 种多轴钻绞传动机构

  • Title:
    Multi -drill twists drive mechanism
  • Author: Yang Shengrong ; Chen Kongliang
  • Subjects: Performing Operations ; Transporting ; Machine Tools ; Metal-Working Not Otherwise Provided FOR ; Turning ; Boring ; Medicine ; Sciences ; Chemistry
  • Description: The utility model relates to a multi -drill twists drive mechanism, comprising a fixed frame, the pivot seat, the pivot body, go up articulated seat, fixed frame bottom is equipped with the pendulum rod, the pendulum rod is equipped with the bar hole, pendulum rod top surface and pendulum rod bottom are run through to the bar hole, the downthehole slide that is equipped with of bar, the slide is equipped with and bores the hank axle, it is equipped with the installation head to bore hank axle bottom, it is equipped with down articulated seat to bore hank crown of roll portion, it is connectedwith the transfer line to go up between articulated seat and the down articulated seat, the transfer line both ends respectively with last articulated seat and articulated seat pivotally connected toand pivotal axis level down, be equipped with the kingbolt on the pendulum rod, the kingbolt run through behind pendulum rod top surface and the bottom surface with fixed frame threaded connection, beequipped with the arc hole on the pendulum rod, the centre of a circle in arc hole is the center of kingbolt, it has vice bolt to alternate on the arc hole, vice bolt and fixed frame threaded connection. The utility model discloses an are convenient for to a plurality of hole site simultaneous processing in arc hole and bar hole adjustment slide to optional position, the pendulum rod is convenient for in the postmortem stability of lock with the design of vice bolt to the kingbolt. 本实用新型涉及种多轴钻绞传动机构,包括固定框、转轴座、转轴本体、上铰接座,固定框底部设有摆杆,摆杆设有条形孔,条形孔贯穿摆杆顶面和摆杆底部,条形孔内设有滑座,滑座设有钻绞轴,钻绞轴底部设有安装头,钻绞轴顶部设有下铰接座,上铰接座和下铰接座之间连接有传动杆,传动杆两端分别与上铰接座和下铰接座枢转连接且枢转轴水平,摆杆上设有主螺栓,主螺栓贯穿摆杆顶面和底面后与固定框螺纹连接,摆杆上设有弧形孔,弧形孔的圆心为主螺栓的中心,弧形孔上穿插有副螺栓,副螺栓与固定框螺纹连接。本实用新型通过弧形孔和条形孔调整滑座至任意位置,便于对多个孔位同时加工,主螺栓和副螺栓的设计便于摆杆在锁死后的稳定性。
  • Creation Date: 09 March 2018
  • Language: Chinese;English
  • Source: Espacenet (European Patent Office)

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