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Convenient to detach's filter for refrigeration plant

Yu Yejuan 29 June 2018

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  • 种制冷设备用便于拆卸的过滤器

  • Title:
    Convenient to detach's filter for refrigeration plant
  • Author: Yu Yejuan
  • Subjects: Mechanical Engineering ; Lighting ; Heating ; Weapons ; Blasting ; Refrigeration OR Cooling ; Combined Heating And Refrigeration Systems ; Heat Pump Systems ; Manufacture OR Storage Of Ice ; Liquefaction Solidification Of Gases ; Refrigeration Machines, Plants OR Systems ; Combined Heating And Refrigeration Systems ; Heat-Pump Systems ; Medicine ; Sciences ; Chemistry
  • Description: The utility model discloses a convenient to detach's filter for refrigeration plant, include the adapter sleeve with the intake pipe screw fixed connection of refrigeration plant main part, the welding of one side of adapter sleeve has the install bin, and the inboard of install bin has cup jointed cavity installation piece, one side that the adapter sleeve was kept away from to the install bin isequipped with the knob, and the one end of knob is fixed with and rotates the spliced pole be connected with the install bin, the one end that the knob was kept away from to the spliced pole is fixedwith the driving gear that is located the install bin inboard, and just initiative gear engagement is connected with to rotate and cup joints at the inboard driven gear of install bin. The utility model discloses a cooperation of knob, driving gear, driven gear, spiral shell rasp bar, adapter sleeve, connecting rod, first fixture block and pull ring isotructure is used for cavity installation piece with cross the filter core and can wholly take out, thereby conveniently change or rinse, use in a flexible way, and the uide bushing, spring and the second fixture block that set up make cavity installation piece fixed more firm when the installation. 本实用新型公开了种制冷设备用便于拆卸的过滤器,包括与制冷设备主体的进气管螺钉固定连接的连接套,所述连接套的侧焊接有安装箱,且安装箱的内侧套接有中空安装块,所述安装箱远离连接套的侧设有旋钮,且旋钮的端固定有与安装箱转动连接的连接柱,所述连接柱远离旋钮的端固定有位于安装箱内侧的主动齿轮,且主动齿轮啮合连接有转动套接在安装箱内侧的从动齿轮。本实用新型通过旋钮、主动齿轮、从动齿轮、螺纹杆、连接套、连接杆、第卡块和拉环等结构的配合使用,使得中空安装块和过滤芯能够整体取出,从而方便更换或清洗,使用灵活,且设置的导向套、弹簧和第二卡块,使得中空安装块在安装时固定更牢靠。
  • Creation Date: 29 June 2018
  • Language: Chinese;English
  • Source: Espacenet (European Patent Office)

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