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Perché la democrazia è nordica? Alf Ross e teoria della democrazia

Mindus, Patricia

Analisi e diritto, 2016, pp.391-416

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  • Title:
    Perché la democrazia è nordica? Alf Ross e teoria della democrazia
  • Author: Mindus, Patricia
  • Subjects: Humanities ; Philosophy, Ethics And Religion ; Philosophy ; Humaniora ; Filosofi, Etik Och Religion ; Filosofi ; Social Sciences ; Law ; Samhällsvetenskap ; Juridik ; Alf Ross – Scandinavian Legal Realism – Theory Of Democracy – Theory Of Law – Non-Cognitivism ; Jurisprudence ; Allmän Rättslära
  • Is Part Of: Analisi e diritto, 2016, pp.391-416
  • Description: Alf Ross (1889-1979) is not only one of the most renowned figures of Scandinavian Legal Realism, but also an important name in 20th Century theory of democracy. The Danish legal philosopher developed a procedural and value-free theory of democracy: Democracy, as form of government, is about how you decide, not what you decide. In this essay I investigate Ross’ theory of democracy, starting from his famous essay Why Democracy?, namely his contribution to what is now known as “the great Nordic debate on democracy” in which several members of the second generation of the Uppsala school took part. I shall try to illustrate the historical context in which this debate developed in order to shed new light on Ross’ theories; in particular, I aim to show how he combines procedural theory of democracy with the claim that shared values are necessary and the non-cognitivist thesis in the field of meta-ethics. Finally, I shall point out some possible implications.
  • Language: Italian
  • Identifier: ISSN: 1126-5779 ; ISSN: 1126-5779
  • Source: SwePub (National Library of Sweden)

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