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Society's choices social and ethical decision making in biomedicine

Ruth Ellen Bulger; Elizabeth Meyer Bobby; Harvey V Fineberg 1995

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  • Title:
    Society's choices social and ethical decision making in biomedicine
  • Author: Ruth Ellen Bulger; Elizabeth Meyer Bobby; Harvey V Fineberg
  • Subjects: Medical ethics; Bioethics; Electronic books
  • Description: ""SOCIETY'S CHOICES""; ""Copyright""; ""Preface""; ""Acknowledgments""; ""Contents""; ""Executive Summary""; ""SOURCES OF ETHICAL ISSUES IN BIOMEDICINE""; ""THE SOCIETAL CONTEXT OF BIOETHICAL PROBLEM SOLVING""; ""SYSTEMATIC APPROACHES TO BIOETHICS""; ""THE SPECTRUM OF SOCIETAL RESPONSES""; ""Political and Legal Mechanisms""; ""Professional and Institutional Mechanisms""; ""Individual and Community Responses""; ""CRITERIA FOR SUCCESS""; ""Intellectual Integrity: Logic, Scholarship, and Sound Judgment""; ""Logic""; ""Scholarship""; ""Sound Judgment""
    ""Sensitivity to Democratic Values: Respect, Representation, and Openness""""Respect for Affected Parties""; ""Representation of Diverse Views""; ""Open versus Closed Meetings""; ""Effectiveness: Communication, Authority""; ""Communication""; ""Authority""; ""Different Goals, Different Yardsticks of Success: Achieving Consensus, Achieving Results""; ""Can Bioethics Be Disadvantageous?""; ""CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS""; ""A Multilevel Approach to Bioethics Deliberation""; ""Nongovernmental Organizations and Individuals""; ""States""; ""Advisory Bodies in Federal Agencies""
    ""A Supra-agency Commission""""PART I""; "" 1 Introduction""; ""DEFINING ""ETHICAL"" ISSUES""; ""SOURCES OF ETHICAL ISSUES IN BIOMEDICINE""; ""Biomedical Research Involving Human Subjects""; ""Changes in Health Care""; ""Making Decisions About Health Care""; ""The Health Care System: Financing and Structure""; ""New Diagnostic and Therapeutic Capabilities in Medicine""; ""Academic-Industry Relationships in Biotechnology""; ""REFERENCES""; "" 2 The Social Context of Bioethical""; ""THE AMERICAN CHARACTER""; ""Ambivalence About Government""; ""The Political Process""; ""The Religious Sphere""
    ""ACTORS SHAPING THE SOCIAL CONTEXT FOR BIOETHICS""""Minorities: A History of Distrust""; ""Women: A Struggle for Control""; ""Gays and Lesbians: A New Activism""; ""HEALTH CARE AND SCIENCE: SHAPING THE SOCIAL CONTEXT FOR BIOETHICS""; ""Patients, Employers, and Insurance Companies: Health Care Consumers""; ""Hospitals""; ""The Health Care Industry""; ""Biomedical Research: The Federal Government and Private Industry""; ""Funding of Scientific Research""; ""REFERENCES""; "" 3 Systematic Approaches To Bioethics""; ""ACADEMIC BIOETHICS""; ""Definitions""; ""Origins""; ""Contributions""
    ""Contributions of Religious Ethicists to Biomedical Questions""""Dangerous Ways to Present Religious Ethics""; ""Hopeful Developments""; ""SCIENTISTS AND OTHER TECHNICAL EXPERTS""; ""Science as a Discursive Model""; ""Scientists' Ethical Intuition""; ""Facts and Values""; ""Outlook""; ""HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION""; ""Origins""; ""Contributions""; ""REFERENCES""; "" 4 The Spectrum of Societal Responses""; ""POLITICAL AND LEGAL MECHANISMS""; ""Commissions Established by Congress""; ""National Commission""; ""President's Commission""; ""Biomedical Ethics Board""
    ""Ethics Bodies in the Executive Branch""
  • Publisher: Washington, D.C. : National Academy Press
  • Creation Date: 1995
  • Format: 1 online resource (560 p.).
  • Language: English
  • Identifier: ISBN0-309-59853-2;ISBN0-585-02000-0
  • OCLC Number: 42328743
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  • Network Zone MMS ID: 9911556748103366
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