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The tools for successful online teaching

Lisa Dawley 1960- c2007

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  • Title:
    The tools for successful online teaching
  • Author: Lisa Dawley 1960-
  • Subjects: Computer-assisted instruction; Internet in education; Education -- Computer network resources; Electronic books
  • Description: ""Title Page""; ""Table of Contents""; ""Preface""; ""Acknowledgments""; ""Chapter I: Online Teaching Today and Tomorrow""; ""Defining Successful Online Teaching""; ""How This Book Can Help You Be Successful""; ""Comparing Learning Management Systems""; ""Future Trends in Online Learning""; ""Resources""; ""References""; ""Chapter II: Content Areas: Syllabus, Notes, Lesson Plans, and Documents""; ""Strengths and Weaknesses""; ""Understanding Content Areas: Organized for Success!""; ""Structuring Content Areas for Success""; ""Example Uses for Success""; ""Example Lesson Plan""; ""Resources""
    ""References""""Chapter III: E-Mail""; ""Strengths and Weaknesses""; ""Understanding E-Mail: Individual Connection!""; ""Structuring E-Mail for Success""; ""Example Uses for Success""; ""Example Lesson Plan""; ""Resources""; ""References""; ""Chapter IV: Discussion Forums""; ""Strengths and Weaknesses""; ""Understanding Discussion Forums: Thoughtful Reflection!""; ""Structuring Discussion Forums for Success""; ""Example Uses for Success""; ""Example Lesson Plan""; ""Resources""; ""References""; ""Chapter V: Small Group Learning""; ""Strengths and Weaknesses""
    ""Understanding Small Groups: Building Community!""""Structuring Small Groups for Success""; ""Example Uses for Success""; ""Example Lesson Plan""; ""Resources""; ""References""; ""Chapter VI: Chat and Instant Messaging""; ""Strengths and Weaknesses""; ""Understanding Chat: Connection and In-Depth Understanding!""; ""Structuring Chats for Success""; ""Example Uses for Success""; ""Example Lesson Plan""; ""Resources""; ""References""; ""Chapter VII: Audio/Video Conferencing and Whiteboard""; ""Strengths and Weaknesses""
    ""Understanding Audio/Video Conferencing: Interactive Auditory and Visual Learning!""""Structuring Video Conferencing and Whiteboards for Success""; ""Example Uses for Success""; ""Example Lesson Plan""; ""Resources""; ""References""; ""Chapter VIII: Assessment and Survey Tools""; ""Strengths and Weaknesses""; ""Understanding Assessment Tools: Part of the Teaching Cycle!""; ""Assessment Tools in LMSs""; ""Other Online Assessment Tools""; ""Structuring Assessment for Success""; ""Example Uses for Success""; ""Example Lesson Plan""; ""Resources""; ""References""; ""Chapter IX: Blogs and Wikis""
    ""Strengths and Weaknesses""""Understanding Blogs and Wikis: Learner Empowerment through Expression!""; ""Structuring Blogs and Wikis for Success""; ""Example Lesson Plan""; ""Example Uses for Success""; ""Resources""; ""References""; ""Chapter X: Learning to Use Multiple Tools""; ""Dealing with Inappropriate Online Behavior""; ""Create a Teaching Style that Works for You and Your Students""; ""Learn the Capability of Your Particular LMS""; ""Keeping Current in Online Teaching""; ""Finding Resources for Online Teachers""; ""Enjoy the Benefits of Online Teaching""; ""Example Lesson Plan""
    ""Resources: Other Cool Tools""
    "This book is a guide for those desiring more in-depth study of how to integrate a variety of internet technology tools for successful online learning. This is an excellent resource for all online teach ers, and those who design curricula for online environments"--Provided by publisher.
  • Publisher: Hershey : Information Science Pub.
  • Creation Date: c2007
  • Format: 1 online resource (258 p.).
  • Language: English
  • Identifier: ISBN1-280-80727-X;ISBN9786610807277;ISBN1-59140-958-6
  • OCLC Number: 73502295
  • Institution Zone MMS ID: 9927076065003372$$I01TRAILS_UM_WES
  • Network Zone MMS ID: 9911574508803366
  • CKEY: 1268155$$I01TRAILS_MSU_GFC1268155$$I01TRAILS_UGF
  • Source: 01TRAILS ALMA

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