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Out, not loud

Elisabeth Vincentelli

The Village voice (New York), 1998-03-03, Vol.43 (9)

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  • Title:
    Out, not loud
  • Author: Elisabeth Vincentelli
  • Subjects: Reading ; Publishing ; Conferences ; Writing ; Gays & lesbians
  • Is Part Of: The Village voice (New York), 1998-03-03, Vol.43 (9)
  • Description: Last weekend's gay, lesbian and bisexual "OutWrite" conference in Boston focused more on do-it-yourself publishing than on actual writing. However, there was a strong emphasis on reading and writing as communal activities.
  • Publisher: New York: Village Voice Media Holdings LLC
  • Language: English
  • Identifier: ISSN: 0042-6180
  • Source: © ProQuest LLC All rights reserved

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