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Improvements in or relating to the preparation of thyroxine analogues

Hems Benjamin Arthur 22 October 1958

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  • Title:
    Improvements in or relating to the preparation of thyroxine analogues
  • Author: Hems Benjamin Arthur
  • Subjects: Chemistry ; Metallurgy ; Organic Chemistry ; Acyclic OR Carbocyclic Compounds ; Medicine ; Sciences ; Chemistry ; Chemistry
  • Description: Compounds of the general formula: wherein Y is H or I and Y1 is I, and esters and salts thereof, are obtained by treating a compound of the formula: or an ester or salt thereof, with iodine in a suitable solvent and in the presence of a suitable organic base. As solvent there may be used water, dioxan or a lower aliphatic alcohol, e.g. methanol or ethanol. As organic base there may be used a primary or secondary amine which may contain a cyclohexyl or alkylcyclohexyl group and which may contain one or two hydroxy groups, piperidine, a C-alkyl piperidine or morpholine, the base in every case having not more than eight carbon atoms, e.g. methylamine, ethylamine, butylamine, ethylene diamine, dimethylamine, dibutylamine, monoethanolamine and diethanolamine. Preferably the reaction is effected at from 0-30 DEG C. By carrying out the reaction in the presence of hydrogen peroxide only half the normal quantity of iodine is required. Examples disclose the preparation of 3,5,31-triiodo-4-(41-hydroxy-phenoxy) phenyl acetic acid and of 3,5,31,51-tetraiodo - 4 - (41 - hydroxyphenoxy) phenylacetic acid.
  • Creation Date: 22 October 1958
  • Language: English
  • Source: Espacenet (European Patent Office)

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