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Community-based participatory research for health from process to outcomes

Meredith Minkler; Nina Wallerstein 1953- c2008

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  • Title:
    Community-based participatory research for health from process to outcomes
  • Author: Meredith Minkler; Nina Wallerstein 1953-
  • Subjects: socialmedicinsk forskning; folkesundhed; medicinsk forskning; socialmedicin; sundhed; medicinsk forskning; Electronic books
  • Description: Introduction to CBPR : new issues and emphases / Meredith Minkler & Nina Wallerstein -- The theoretical, historical, and practice roots of CBPR / Nina Wallerstein & Bonnie Duran -- Critical issues in developing and following CBPR principles / Barbara A. Israel ... [et al.] -- Bringing experimental design to community-partnered participatory research / Loretta Jones, Paul Koegel, & Kenneth B. Wells -- The dance of race and privilege in CBPR / Vivian Chávez ... [et al.] -- Are academics irrelevant? : approaches and roles for scholars in CBPR / Randy Stoecker -- CBPR with Cambodian girls in Long Beach, California : a case study / Ann Cheatham-Rojas & Eveline Shen -- CBPR with a hidden population : the transgender community health project a decade later / Kristen Clements-Nolle & Ari Max Bachrach -- Community-driven asset identification and issue selection / Meredith Minkler & Trevor Hancock -- Using Web-based tools to build capacity for CBPR : two case studies of American Indian leadership development / Marita Jones ... [et al.] -- Using photovoice for participatory assessment and issue selection : lessons from a family, maternal, and child health department / Caroline C. Wang & Cheri A. Pies --
    Issues in participatory evaluation / Jane Springett & Nina Wallerstein -- Issues and choice points for improving the quality of action research / Hilary Bradbury & Peter Reason -- Impacts of CBPR on academic researchers, research quality and methodology, and power relations / Meredith Minkler & Andrea Corage Baden -- Methodological and ethical considerations in community-driven environmental justice research : two case studies from rural North Carolina / Stephanie Ann Farquhar & Steve Wing -- Analyzing and interpreting data with communities / Suzanne B. Cashman ... [et al.] -- The role of CBPR in policy advocacy / Makani Themba-Nixon, Meredith Minkler, & Nicholas Freudenberg -- Using CBPR to promote environmental justice policy : a case study from Harlem, New York / Peggy Shepard, Victoria Breckwich Vásquez, & Meredith Minkler -- Participatory action research with hotel room cleaners in San Francisco and Las Vegas : from collaborative study to the bargaining table / Pam Tau Lee ... [et al.] -- Addressing food security through policy promoting store conversions : the role of a CBPR partnership / Victoria Breckwich Vásquez ... [et al.] -- What predicts outcomes in CBPR? / Nina Wallerstein ... [et al.].
    Minkler and Wallerstein have pulled together a fantastic set of contributions from the leading researchers in the field. In addition to a fine collection of case studies, this book puts the key issues for researchers and practitioners in a historical, philosophical, and applied, practical context
  • Publisher: San Francisco, CA : Jossey-Bass
  • Creation Date: c2008
  • Format: 1 online resource (546 p.).
  • Language: English
  • Identifier: ISBN1-118-04544-0;ISBN1-282-77434-4;ISBN9786612774348;ISBN0-470-93249-X
  • OCLC Number: 779891772
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